Monitor and Manage your Gateway

Internet connected Table Tracker systems can be remotely supported via LRS Connect. Log in to access your account and select the desired location. The Gateway screen will show information about the Gateway with some actions that can be initiated to manage and trouble shoot the system.


1 - Name - Names of both device types, Gateways and Displays can be edited for easier identification and recognition.

2 - Code - This is a unique device code used for LRS Connect to identify each Device.

3 - Serial Number - This is the Gateway serial number. This number is also visible on a sticker on the back of the Gateway. LRS Connect learns about the Gateway's serial number for the first time, after the first order data is uploaded. 

4 - Gateway API Key - This key can be used by integrators.

5 - Pairing - This indicates the connection status of the Gateway and Table Tracker iOS application. In this case the iPad and the Gateway have already paired, otherwise the status would read: Not Paired.

6 - Connectivity - This indicates whether the Gateway is internet connected or not. In this example, the Gateway is internet connected and visible by LRS Connect so it's status is Online, otherwise it would be Offline.

7 - LRS Firmware - This indicates both the installed version number and the latest one available. If these two match, as in this example, Current is displayed. Otherwise, if a higher release number is available, an Update button is shown.

8 - OS Firmware - Here the Gateway's operating system version is shown. This can be helpful in understanding the age of system, among others.

9 - Reboot - Occasionally, initiating a Gateway Reboot helps re-establish the connection between the Table Tracker iOS application and the Gateway. Learn more here.

10 - De-activate - This will unpair the Gateway and the iPad.

When there is an update available for the Gateway, the top navigation of LRS Connect will feature an "Update Available" button like: 

That way, you know to check the Gateways at each location, ensuring the Gateway software is updated to the latest version by clicking on the Update button as referenced in #7 above.  

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