Enable Guest Sessions on your LRS Connect Transmitter

Contact LRS to load the latest LRS Connect Transmitter firmware at 1-800-437-4996.

Configure your LRS Connect Transmitter and then associate it to your cloud account in LRS Connect to collect Guest Sessions data for review and analysis.

I - Get started by contacting LRS at 1-800-437-4996 to set up your account and ensure you have the latest Transmitter firmware.

II - Configure appropriate Network and API settings. Follow the steps below to complete both changes in one change.

     Step 1 - Press Setup button

     Step 2 - Press in code - 56789

     Step 3 - Press 1 System

     Step 4 - Press 3 Guest Sessions

     Step 5 - Press 1 Enable

Alternatively, learn how to configure each setting independently by reading:



III - Log into LRS Connect, select the applicable location where you'll be using the transmitter and then click on (1) Add Transmitter and enter the (2) Transmitter Device Code on the transmitter by following these steps:

     Step 1 - Press Setup button

     Step 2 - Press in code - 56789

     Step 3 - Press 1 System

     Step 4 - Press 2 LRS Connect

     Step 5 - Press 1 Device Code

     Step 6 - Press F1 (SET)

     Step 7 - Enter the 10 digit code and then F1 (OK)

     Step 8 - Transmitter will display, "Checking Server, please wait"

     Step 9 - Transmitter will display, "Success!"

     Step 10 - Transmitter will display, "Success!" Press F4 (EXIT) to return to the main menu or continue pressing until you are out of the settings.


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