3. Configure your Swift Sensors Dashboard

As the sensors transition from “sleep” mode and connect with the Bridge, the Swift Sensors Bridge and each of your Swift Sensors will appear in the Hardware tab on the left side of your Dashboard. The sensors ship from the factory in “sleep” mode to preserve battery life prior to system configuration. Typically each sensor will register within 30 minutes of completing Step 2. Depending on the cycle of each sensor’s sleep mode, a sensor may take up to 60 minutes to register and appear in the Dashboard. To wake up sensor's immediately, remove and reinsert battery into sensor.

If after 60 minutes, all the devices are not showing and sensor batteries have already been removed and reinserted, contact LRS Customer Support at or call 1-800-437-4996.

 The Bridge and Sensors will be labeled with their respective IDs.

The unique sensor ID is located on the back of each sensor as shown below. The unique ID for the sensor below is 5YEWO.


IMPORTANT! Assign names to your Bridge(s) and sensors according to location and/or function. Typical names include “Walk-in Freezer 1”, “Salad Prep Line”, “Front Office Door”, and “East Room Compressor”. Write down the names of your Bridge(s) and Sensors associated with their IDs (Bridge) and Serial Numbers (Sensors).

In the Hardware list in your Dashboard, click on your Bridge to select it, then select Edit from the Gear pull down menu in the Details panel on the right side of your Dashboard. Type in the name and optional description, and click on the ✔ box to save your input.

Repeat the naming process for each Bridge and Sensor shown in your Dashboard. Create Groups to logically organize your Swift Sensors Network

Creating Groups lets you visually organize your sensor network in the Dashboard and will enable automatic aggregation of Threshold status within the Group.

To create a Group, select Add Group in the Gear pull down menu located immediately above the right side of the Hardware list in your Dashboard. Assign a name and optional description.

Use the Move command in the same Gear menu to organize your list into your desired groups.

After placing your sensors in the desired location as described in the next step, Step 4., return to your Dashboard to confirm your sensors are communicating with your Bridge(s) and to set Thresholds and Notifications for your sensor measurements and device status.

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