Goal Setting

Table Tracker allows you to set a food delivery goal. The goal setting does two things: 1) they manage the color status of orders and 2) control the dashboard analytics on the Order View.

Most restaurants have found that using goals and warning times leads to an encouraged staff and faster food delivery. 


Setting a Goal

  1. To set a goal, access the Preferences screen on the menu.
  2. Using the number selector, select the Target Delivery time. An order that is delivered after the Target Delivery Time is considered late and the order strip will turn Red.
  3. Select the Warning Time. This is the time your order strip will turn Yellow. This has no affect on your Order View statistics, but serves as a warning to staff when an order is approaching its delivery target. Some restaurants make this 1 minute less than the Target Delivery Time, others use it as a half-way point — work with your staff to determine the best system for your restaurant.

Note: Warning Time can't be less than Target Delivery time. If you try to set it as more, the app will automatically default your Warning Time to 1 minute less to the Target Delivery Time.


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