Connecting the iPad to the Table Tracker WiFi Network

The router you receive should arrive fully provisioned and ready to  use. 

Connecting your iPad to WiFi

  1. Access the Settings menu from the home screen.

  2. Select the WiFi section from the left navigation. The switch for WiFi should be turned to On or Green in order for your iPad to see WiFi networks.
  3. Select the Table Tracker WiFi from the list of available WiFi networks.
  4. If required, enter the password when prompted. The WiFi password will be a variation of of the customer ID number with an exclamation mark on the end (i.e. cust123456!)
  5. When your selected network is at the top with a check mark next to it, your iPad has successfully connected to this network.

Note: If the iPad was previously connected to another network in this list, it may cause a problem in the future. For example, if your Table Tracker network falls offline, the iPad might automatically connect to a former network. The best way to alleviate this issue is to “forget” the previously connected networks. To do this, simply select the information icon or “i” next to previously connected networks. Next, select “Forget this Network.”


** If you are connecting multiple iPads to your LRS Gateway please follow all the steps above to setup the new additional iPads.

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