Downloading and Installing the Table Tracker 3.0 iOS App

If you’ve purchased an iPad through LRS, an updated version of the Table Tracker application should already be installed and you can advance to the next step.

If you’ve decided to use an existing iPad or an iPad purchased elsewhere, you will need to install the Table Tracker application from the Apple App Store. 

As with any app download from the AppStore, you will need an iTunes account. Since this is a business-use application, you may want to create a separate iTunes account for your business use only vs. a personal account. If you choose to use a new Apple iTunes account, no credit card information will be required as the Table Tracker application is free. 

  1. To install the free app, select the App Store icon on your home screen.

  2. In the search box, type Table Tracker.

  3. Next to the Table Tracker icon, select the button labeled Free.


4.  Type your iTunes account password and the app will begin downloading.

5.  Once your app is finished downloading, select the Table Tracker icon on your home screen to open Table Tracker.

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