Pairing and Connecting Your Table Tracker 3.0 iOS Application

One important step in installing the Table Tracker system is pairing the application on your iPad with the LRS Gateway. 

Once you’ve opened the Table Tracker application on your iPad, you will see the Pair My Gateway orange bar at the bottom of the screen. Click the Pair My Gateway button and follow the prompts to pair the system. 

Next, connect your system with your cloud account in LRS Connect. You'll need to enter a Device Code so your Table Tracker system stores data in the cloud for web reporting, enables remote management, and retrieves the latest iPad application and Gateway updates.

Go to menu in the top left corner and select Account. Under Cloud Reporting, enter the Device Code. Once entered, you will get a confirmation message that "Reporting in LRS Connect" is activated with a cloud icon. To complete this task, your system must be connected to the internet in order to activate.

If you do not have a Device Code or never received one please contact LRS Support. Or, visit your LRS Connect account to retrieve the Device Code for your location under Devices. 

After the application is connected to your cloud account and paired to the Gateway, you should be able to click the menu icon in the top left to navigate back to the Order View. 

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