Starting Trackers

Now that your system is set up, you’re ready to start your Trackers. Before using your system in a live order setting, its best to start and clear each tracker to ensure it is recognizing the network and working properly. To best test the system, we recommend simulating an actual order by placing the Trackers and Starters near your order or to-go counter, or wherever you will be starting them in a live setting. To learn more, read our Tracker and Starter Placement article.

When a Tracker is started, a few things should happen. 

  1. First, the Tracker should read the Starter tag. You’ll know this has happened when a light on the lower front portion of the Tracker turns green. 
  2. The second thing that should happen is the Tracker should vibrate. In a live setting, this will help your order takers know that an order has been started in the system.
  3. The third and final thing that should happen when you start a Tracker is an order should be generated on your iPad Order Display. As you test your Trackers, it’s important to confirm that all started Trackers are generating orders on the Order Display.

Note: If the Tracker doesn’t vibrate, but the light turns green and the order display shows an active order, your network is simply getting used to these devices. In rare cases, Trackers need to be started and cleared once before they calibrate and begin vibrating. If this occurs, start all of your Trackers, then clear all of your Trackers and try again. If you have further issues, contact LRS Support.


To start your Trackers, please follow these steps.

  1. Take the first Tracker and place it on the Starter.
  2. When the Tracker vibrates, this means the Tracker has been started on the network.
  3. Once the Tracker has vibrated, reference the Order View. An order should have been started for this Tracker.
  4. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 for the remaining Trackers — one at a time.
  5. Begin clearing the Trackers by placing each Tracker on the Clearing Unit. Each cleared Tracker should vibrate.
  6. Reference the Order Display to confirm that each cleared Tracker is removed from the order list.


Note: Trackers are battery powered, so make sure they are charging when not being used. We talk more about this in the Tracker and Starter Placement article.

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