Manually Clearing and Paging Orders

Table Tracker orders are started using our Tracker and Starter hardware, but once an order is live several actions can be taken. Orders can be manually deleted or paged by simply selecting the order strip on the Order View.

Paging A Tracker

In some cases, an order is ready but its Tracker may not be associated with a table. We find this most common in cases where Table Tracker is being used for To Go orders.

For this and other use cases, your restaurant staff members have the option of paging the tracker. Selecting the order strip and then Page sends a message to the Tracker that causes it to vibrate for a full minute. When a page is received, most customers bring the Tracker to the front to receive their order.

To stop the Tracker from vibrating, simply place it on a Clearing Dock or manually Delete the order as discussed in the following section.


Manually Deleting an Order

Orders are most commonly cleared or deleted using the Clearing Dock hardware provided with the system. However in some cases, restaurant staff may need to manually delete orders.

To manually delete an order, simply select the order strip and then select Delete. If restaurant management is concerned about the overuse of this feature, Manual Delete can be PIN protected in the settings menu.


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