Table Tracker App Overview

The core purpose of the Table Tracker application is to display orders and manage your system. Additionally, the Table Tracker app also provides short term reporting so your restaurant staff can monitor current performance.

The app is organized into four sections — Order View, Settings, Gateway, and Reporting. These different sections can be accessed using a menu that's hidden behind the left pane of the app. You can access this menu by selecting the menu icon (looks like three horizontal bars) in the top lefthand corner of the application.



The Order View is where you will spend the majority of your time in the app. This is the view food runners will use to access the status and location of orders.

The Settings section is where you manage the basic configuration of the application. This includes target delivery and warning times, PIN protection, and your device key.

The Gateway screen is where you manage settings of the LRS Gateway, the small white box that runs your system. Here you can change your ZigBee preset, view the connectivity of your Repeaters, and manage the pairing of your iPad with the Gateway.

The Reporting section provides you short-term reports to measure your recent performance. Eight report types and preset date ranges are designed to help you and your restaurant staff understand food delivery time and table usage.

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