Starters and Clearers Best Practices

The Starter and Clearer are critical pieces in the operation of Table Tracker. Success depends on their placement. See below guide for optimal results.

 Where to place the Starters

  1. Starters should be close to the order taker (in many cases the person working at the POS). As an order is taken then it can be quickly handed to the guest.
  2. Starters and Clearers should be placed at least 3 inches apart from each other. The screen will show the tracker’s last activation mode. This means that if a tracker is first activated but then it hovers close to the Clearer the screen could update to reflect this as a cleared order. 
  3. The dine in Starters and the to-go Starters should also be placed at least 3 inches apart. With the screen showing the tracker’s last activation mode, a tracker is first activated to-go but then hovered close to the dine-in Starter the screen could update to reflect this guest as dine-in. NOTE: Table Tracker is smart to update the screen to display both the to-go status and a table number when a to-go guest seats at a table while waiting.


Where to place the Clearers

  1. Clearers should be close to the food runners (in many cases close to the expo window). As an order is delivered it can be quickly cleared, resulting in more accurate reporting.  
  2. Portable Clearers enable even more accurate reporting as they are carried by the food runners. Portable Clearers should not be carried in the same pocket as a wallet as it could affect the magnetic band in credit cards, gift cards or other. 

 General recommendations

  • Once the tracker is fully charged and still in the tracking stack it could start reading a Starter or Clearer. To prevent this from happening please keep at least 3 inches of separation between the charging station and Starter or Clearer.
  • Metal surfaces could impact functionality. Starters and Clearers come with rubber feet that put the necessary distance from a metal counter or table for proper function. Avoid direct contact with a metal at its side as this could affect functionality. 
  • Keeping Starters and Clearers clean is very easy. Simply wipe them down using mild detergent or isopropyl alcohol solution. To extend the life of the Clearer and Starter avoid using chlorine or bleach to clean them.
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