Recommended WiFi Set-Up for On Cue

We recommend using the Apple Airport Extreme to establish a WiFi network in your restaurants. If you're planning on using guest pagers with your system, it’s also important there is space next to or nearby your router for a transmitter, and it's nearby the iPad running On Cue as well.  Learn more about router to iPad proximity recommendations.

1. Find a power source in a central location in your restaurant and connect the Airport Extreme.

2. On your iPad, access Your WiFi menu in Settings, scroll down to the Set Up New Airport Base Station section. You should see a router listed with the title AirPort Extreme and followed by a unique serial number. 

3. Select the Airpot Extreme router. Create A New Network is selected by default.

4. Next, enter a name for your Network. We recommend naming the network something related to On Cue such as “On Cue Network" or simply “On Cue."

5. Enter a unique password for the network. This can be changed later but it's important that it's a strong password and that you communicate it to the restaurant management. Select Next. 

6. The dialogue will prompt you to connect the router to an internet connection. Please note if you are planning on notifying guests with SMS an internet connection is required. Connecting this WiFi network to the internet is recommended for reporting and activation purposes as well.

7. When connecting the internet connection to this router, plug the ethernet cable into the internet port marked with a dotted circle. The setup screen should automatically advance once it detects an internet connection.

8. The final step is Diagnostics and Usage data sharing. This setting is your choice, but for privacy purposes, we recommend selecting Don't Send.

9. Select Done to complete the process. 

10. Open the Airport Extreme app, if you don’t already have it, this application can be easily downloaded from the App Store. 

11. If the router is connected to the internet, its icon should be green. If it's not, the icon will be orange. Select the image of the router to view its settings and select Edit.

12. In the Airport Extreme menu, select Advanced, then DHCP, then NAT, and finally Router Mode.

13. Confirm that DHCP and NAT is selected. If it isn't, select it at this time. 

14. Use the Back button and then Select Done.

15. Once your router is set, hard wire an Ethernet connection from the Airport Extreme to a compatible LRS "Freedom" Transmitter that is set in the "TX-TX" mode.  It's important that the router is set-up and working before the LRS transmitter is connected to it.  Only then will the transmitter properly connect with the router appropriately and thereby be connected to the same LAN with the iPad using On Cue.  

16. To pair the On Cue for Restaurants app with a compatible LRS transmitter, within the app go to "Settings" and "Devices".  The Devices area will automatically search for transmitters that also reside on the same network.  When the transmitter is found, connect it with the application.  Once that's completed, paging may be done directly from within the app.   


Note: if your iPad was previously connected to another WiFi network at the location, it's important you Forget the network as iPads tend to switch to previous networks from time to time.

If more than one WiFi connection is available, iPads can sometimes "jump networks" and connect to a different network. You can prevent this by going to the iPad Settings>WiFi and enabling the Ask to Join Networks option. This will prompt a question requesting permission to join a different network before actually doing so. If the question comes up, deny permission to prevent interruptions to transmitter connectivity or syncing.  

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