Troubleshooting Trackers that may not be working properly

On occasion, you may find a tracker that does not behave as expected.  It may not start properly when hovering over a starter, not read a table location, or simply be unresponsive.  Most often this is attributable to the Tracker needing to be fully charged.  

Please note the following tips when caring for and ensuring your Trackers remain properly charged:   

  • Each base may stack up to 15 units each using a DC power supply only  
  • Ensure that the power supply connected to each Charging Base is 12V DC
  • It's best practice to not daisy-chain charging bases together using jumper cables; rather, each charging base should be directly plugged into a power supply 
  • Yellow LRS light on the top of the Tracker should not pulse when the Tracker is on charge. Whereas when off charge, the LRS light at the top does continually pulse. Therefore, if the LRS light is pulsing when placed on the charge stack, either the Trackers are not stacked properly or the power supply or connection is bad.    
  • The Tracker should vibrate when placed on Starter/Clearer – failure to do so may indicate that the unit may not be charging properly or there may be a network issue 

To test a non-working Tracker and ensure it's not a charge issue, we recommend verifying the charing base is properly attached to its power supply, and then placing the Tracker on charge full 12-hour period before testing again.  If after that time the Tracker continues to behave abnormally, please submit a Support ticket and we may assist you.  

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