Table Tracker Demo: How to Process To-Go Orders

In a previous support article, I explained how to use Table Tracker for dine-in customers. Depending on your restaurant, you might also offer to-go services. In this article, I will explain how the to-go process works with Table Tracker.

At the cashier, you will have the starting and the to-go units. For to-go orders, once the customer has paid for their meal, the cashier will wave a table tracker over the to-go unit and hand the tracker to the customer to start the tracking process.

For To-Go orders, the restaurant has the capability of paging the customer or locating the customer from anywhere in the restaurant when their order is ready to be picked up. The customer has the option to either stand and wait or sit at a table while they wait.

If the customer chooses to stand, the cashier can easily page the customer to let them know their order is ready. 

If the customer chooses to sit at a table, the tracker will register the table number. Below is an example of a to-go order at a table. There will be a small arrow indicating it is a to-go order next to the table number.

This gives restaurants the option to page or hand deliver the food order to the customer. Simply tap the tracker number and a prompt will appear. This gives you the ability to page the customer.

Once the customer receives their order, the food runner will retrieve the tracker and wave it over the clearing unit to end the order.

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