Table Tracker Units DO NOT VIBRATE (Start) and do NOT show on the PC screen

If NONE of your Table Tracker Units VIBRATE and do NOT show up on the Orders List within the software, there may be hardware offline. Please do the following:

  • Check that the RXZ (USB stick) is still connected to the PC.
    • If it is not, locate it and attach it via the USB port on the PC.
  • Check each Znode to ensure that it is online.
    • To check the Znode, you will need to locate it at your site (they are typically installed side by side underneath the counter nearest to the PC).
    • Make sure that the LED on each Znode is blinking GREEN. If the LED is purple or blue, wait 5 minutes and it should connect with the network on its own and begin to blink green.
    • If the Znode does NOT blink green after 5 minutes, unplug it, wait 5 seconds and then plug it back in. (This step can be tried more than once.)
    • If the Znode LED is solid RED:
      • Use the Table Tracker software to “Associate” the Znodes to the network by following these steps:
        • Go into CONFIG and go to Devices
        • To put the software into Associate Mode, choose the option to Click Here at the top
        • Unplug ALL Znodes
        • After all Znodes are unplugged, click Next in the pop up
        • For ALL Znodes, do the following one Znode at a time:
          • Plug in the Znode
          • Press the reset button and hold for 5 seconds (LED will be red)
          • Once the reset button is released, press again just once quickly (LED goes blue then blinks green)
          • If the LED does not begin to blink green, just press the reset button once again and check
          • If the LED still does not begin to blink green, press the reset button once again and check (you can do this step more than once)
          • Once the LED begins to blink green, move to the next Znode and do the same for each until they are all done
          • Once the software has each Znode associated to the network, the serial numbers will appear in the pop up box for each Znode associated
          • Click OK when done and you should see all Znodes for your location listed in the Devices list
          • Test 3-5 Table Trackers to ensure that they Start, Read a table, and Clear
  • If both/all Znodes are online, please see details to check the RXZ (USB Stick)
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