Verifying the RXZ (USB Stick) is Online / Working

If you are unsure as to whether the RXZ is working properly, follow these steps: 

  • Check that the RXZ has its antenna and casing. If not, the RXZ is probably damaged and you will need a new one. Please submit a Support ticket so we may assist you with purchasing a replacement. When the PC is placed in a high-traffic area, depending on the positioning of the monitor, the RXZ may be susceptible to being accidentally knocked out. Check where and how the PC is positioned to avoid any passerby from running into it.  
  • Check the RXZ Stick LED – if the LED on the RXZ is showing a blue light, it is powered on
  • Check the Devices list in the Table Tracker software. If the RXZ is in the list and noted as ONLINE, it is on the network. If the RXZ is in the list and noted as OFFLINE, it is not on the network and needs to be added:
    • Delete the RXZ from the Devices list and close the Table Tracker software
    • Remove the RXZ stick from the USB port where it is connected and either reconnect in the same USB port or choose a different port to use
    • Once the RXZ is reconnected in the USB port, use Window’s Device Manager for port configuration
    • Open the Table Tracker software and go into the Devices setup and “Add Device Manually” using the port shown in Window’s Device Manager
    • If the RXZ still shows as offline when it is added manually, it may need to be replaced.  At this point, please submit a Support ticket so we may assist you.  
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