General Transmitter Troubleshooting

Please follow these steps for general troubleshooting and contact LRS Customer Support should you need further assistance or if your issue is not addressed below:

Power Issues

As of 2014, all LRS Transmitters require a 12V DC power supply. When experiencing power issues, please check the following:

  • Ensure that the power supply connected to the Transmitter is also connected to a working power outlet
  • If the display LED has no light illuminating and/or there are no numbers appearing on the display when pagers are being paged when the power supply is connected, the power supply is the issue
  • To test this, unplug the power supply from the LRS Charging Base at your location and connect it to the Transmitter:
  • If the Transmitter shows power (an illuminated display LED and pagers will page), please contact LRS Sales for a new power supply for the transmitter
  • If the Transmitter still shows no signs of power, please contact LRS Customer Support regarding Transmitter replacement/repair

Range Issues

There are several things that can affect how far away from the transmitter your pagers will receive pages. Here are some things to check:

  • Ensure the transmitter is not sitting on a metal object (desk, table, cabinet, etc.)
  • Ensure the antenna is securely attached to the transmitter
  • Ensure the power supply being used is the correct power supply specified by LRS
  • Ensure there are no other transmitters in the immediate area broadcasting anti-theft
  • If possible, try locating the transmitter in a different area. The placement of the transmitter can affect the range it will produce (near lead-lined walls in a medical facility, elevator shafts, concrete walls, etc.)
  • If all of the above have checked as OK, then please check the following:
  • Test page more than one pager to see if the pager(s) pages close to the transmitter as well as far away from it
  • If pagers will page when they are close to the transmitter but not further away, please contact LRS Customer Support regarding further troubleshooting to determine if the Transmitter needs to be replaced/repaired


  • If some pagers will page but not all pagers, this may be a pager issue. Please see LRS Help Center articles to troubleshoot specific pagers with an exhibited issue
  • If NO pagers will page, please contact LRS Customer Support to verify your location’s Transmitter settings and to troubleshoot further

Page Mode (How Pagers Page)

To change the Page Mode (how pagers respond when they are paged), you will need access to your Transmitter. Please follow these steps:

  • Press Setup
  • The password is 56789
  • Choose 1) System
  • Using the F2 key, scroll down through the menu until you see 3) Page Mode
  • Choose 3) Page Mode
  • Select the appropriate pager type (Guest or Staff), then select how your location prefers  the pagers to respond
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