Troubleshooting LRS' Battery-Operated Pagers


The RX-E467 4-Line Alphanumeric pager uses one (1) AAA Battery and does not require the use of an LRS charging base. To troubleshoot:

If the pager is not responding when paged, please exchange the battery being used with a brand new one (preferably out of the package – paying close attention to the battery expiration date noted on that package). Once the battery has been replaced, test page the pager again; if the pager responds, the battery was at issue; if the pager does not respond, do the following:

Remove and then replace the battery noting what is seen on the pager’s display. You should see:

C1: [System ID number] and Pager ID number

C2: [System ID number] and All Page number

C3: [System ID number] and System ID number

System ID number is the local “frequency” to which your specific location is assigned; all LRS hardware at your location communicates on this System ID number so you should see the same System ID number on all pagers; if you find a pager that is on a different System ID number, please contact LRS Customer Support

Pager ID number is the unique number assigned to a specific pager; if you are trying to page Pager 101 (and that matches the pager number on the pager’s label) and the pager you are testing has Pager ID number 108 for C1, please contact LRS Customer Support

All Page number should be “911” by default; this number is assigned by LRS and will allow you to page all pagers at once whenever appropriate or required at your location

If you have any of the following issues noted with your pager(s), please contact LRS Customer Support:

  • No visible display or backlight on the pager
  • The pager gives an “out of range” message when it should be receiving pages and is within close proximity to the paging transmitter
  • The pager gives an “encryption error” message when it should be receiving page
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