How to Contact LRS’ Customer Support Team

LRS’ operating hours are 8:30am until 5:30pm Central Standard Time Monday-Friday

If you are having issues with the LRS Transmitter(s) at your location, please access the articles available via the LRS Help Center for assistance.

If you have already done troubleshooting using the LRS Help Center articles available for your Transmitter type and require further assistance or Transmitter repairs/replacement, please contact LRS Customer Support using the following steps:


  • Email LRS Customer Support at [email protected]
  • Information to include in the email:
  • Location Name (please include City and State)
  • Location Contact’s Name
  • Location Contact’s Phone
  • A note regarding the issue or need

The email sent will create a ticket via LRS’ internal ticketing system and the information provided will allow an LRS Agent to access the location’s account and be ready to provide the location contact with any needed documentation for repairs or to give the location a call to assist further and troubleshoot any pending issues.

If you would prefer to give LRS’ Customer Support Team a call, please call:  800-437-4996

For after-hours (weekend or weeknight) emergencies:

  • LRS has live technical support available 7 days a week for troubleshooting
  • Please keep in mind that options are limited over the weekend as the business office is closed and no hardware can be shipped until the next business day
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