Guidelines to Clean Your Pagers

LRS pagers are made from industrial-strength, polycarbonate material. However, this material is susceptible to hairline cracking if non-approved cleaners are used. When cleaning LRS pagers, we recommend only using ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANERS that do not contain chloride and chlorine derivatives.

To confirm your cleaner, you may submit a list of ingredients and the MSDS sheet to [email protected] and we will research the cleaner and provide approval.

The following guidelines can be used to clean any LRS Pagers:

1. Take a clean cloth and an isopropyl-alcohol based cleaner
2. Wet the clean cloth with the isopropyl alcohol cleaner
3. Wipe down the pagers or equipment
4. When dry, place rechargeable pagers back on charge

Cleaning equipment with any other non-approved cleaners can weaken plastic, cause it to become brittle and cause hairline cracks. Pagers and equipment that are cleaned with unapproved cleaners and suffer cracking will not be covered under warranty.

Do not submerge any LRS paging equipment in any type of liquid as this will also damage the equipment and is not covered under the standard warranty.

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