Firewall and Network Settings When Connecting Table Tracker to the Internet

Although Internet connectivity is not required for basic operation, Internet connectivity is highly recommended. Online reports, reports with a date range longer than 2 weeks, and remote monitoring, diagnostic, and updates all require Internet connectivity.

Below are guidelines for successful configuration of Internet connectivity:

DNS The DNS provided to the LRS Gateway must be able to properly resolve all host names given below.
Outbound NTP

The LRS Gateway must be able to make outbound NTP connections to 123/UDP and 123/TCP to

The LRS Gateway will not be able to successfully communicate with any of the below servers if NTP synchronization is not possible. 

Outbound SSL

The LRS Gateway must be able to make outbound SSL connections on 3199/TCP to

HTTP proxy servers for are supported as an advanced configuration. However, the proxy must only be used for remapping of target IP address and port number. Extra authentication and security may not be added by the proxy.

HTTP The LRS Gateway must be able to make outbound HTTP connections to
HTTPS The LRS Gateway must be able to make outbound HTTPS connections to
 Bonjour The Table Tracker application on the iPad discovers the LRS Gateway using the Bonjour protocol. 




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