My pagers are not responding to a page?

  1. Make sure the pager has a working battery in it and is powered on. When the pager is powered on, there will be an icon that flashes on the top of the pager screen every few seconds.
  2. Make sure the Butler XP has working batteries in it. If enabled, the Butler XP will beep and light up when a button is pressed.
  3. Make sure the programming matches the pager number and system ID of the pager you are using.
  4. If you are not aware of the system ID of the pagers you are using, you can determine the system ID by removing the battery of the pager and re-inserting the battery into the pager. Upon boot up, the screen will display a number in brackets and another number to the right of that in the 'C1' field. The number in brackets is the system ID and the number to the right of that number is the pager number. Example: C1: [1] 101 would be pager number 101 on system ID 1.
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