Certified Wireless Routers and Set-up

Your wireless router is an important part of what keeps LRS applications like Table Tracker and On Cue running at its best.  LRS has certified the Apple(R) AirPort Extreme Router to work in conjunction with Table Tracker.  The Airport Extreme is a fast and efficient solution offering up to three times faster Wi-Fi, ensuring your business's Wi-Fi is fast and secure. Additionally, it easily integrates with the Apple iPad using built-in Apple utilities.   

When setting up an Airport Extreme with an iPad running any LRS application, we recommend the router is as close as possible to the iPad without any obstructions. It minimally needs to be within 25 feet of the iPad, again without any obstructions like walls, doors, metal cabinets.   

To learn more about configuring your network, read our Minimum and Recommended Network Configuration article.  

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