Recommended Network Configuration for On Cue and LRS Table Updater

On Cue for Restaurants easily integrates with LRS' Handheld Table Updater.  The Table Updater is a device about the size of a small remote control, and is used by staff to remotely update the On Cue application with table statuses as they change throughout the day.  Staff simply enter the number of the table into the device, select the status button for that table, and upon entering that selection, the status for that table is instantaneously reflected within the On Cue app. 


As noted in other articles, an active Wi-Fi network is required for On Cue to SMS text customers and work with associated equipment like a paging system transmitter or the Handheld Table Updater. To fully optimize On Cue with a paging system and table management updater device, it's recommended a separate, dedicated local area network (LAN) be created to support the system. Although it's not required it be set-up on a separate LAN, it's preferred to ensure the system works without any interruption from other Wi-Fi enabled devices (like guest devices, POS systems, or others). 

Architectural Recommendation:

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