Table Tracker Demo: How to Use Table Tracker 3.0

Table Tracker is a table location system that allows food runners to deliver food faster. In this article, I am going to explain how to use Table Tracker and the differences between the pro and basic package after you've had the system installed in your restaurant.

Once the system is installed, the Table Tracker app and ipad will be set up in kiosk mode at their installed locations.

Each Table Tracker system comes with docks for starting and clearing orders. Depending on your order, you might also have a dock just for to-go orders. These are most commonly referred to as the Starting Unit, Clearing Unit, and To-go Unit. 

At the cash register, the Starting Unit and/or the To-Go unit is the starting point for tracking orders. Once the customer purchases their order, the cashier will place a table tracker over the Starting unit, wait for it to vibrate and register on the screen and hand the tracker to the customer to begin the tracking process. 

1. Place the tracker on the Start dock and wait for it to vibrate and register on the TT app.


2. Once the tracker registers, remove the tracker and hand it to the customer.

3. The tracker will then register on the TT App. The order number (tracker number) will appear on the left side. 


After the customer receives the table tracker, they will choose their table and wait for their food. The difference between the basic and pro plans lies with where the customer can place the table tracker.

For the basic package, table docks will be provided for each table. Each Table Dock is programmed as a table number, which is done during installation. Once the customer sits at their chosen table, they will place their table tracker on this dock. Doing so will send a message to the table tracker app in the kitchen, which lets food runners know exactly where the guest is sitting.

For the pro package, instead of table docks, RFID tags are placed underneath all tables during installation. This allows the customer to place the table tracker anywhere on the table and broadcast to the table tracker system, the location the customer is sitting. This allows customers the ability to seamlessly track and report without the customer knowing. The tracker must be placed directly on the table with nothing in between the tracker and the table to in order to clearly broadcast the location.


Depending on the restaurant, if outside seating is offered, outdoor weatherproof mats will be provided for table trackers. Customers will place their trackers on round mats and then broadcast the location to the table tracker system.


Whether the tracker is placed on the dock for the basic plan, on the table for the pro plan, or on an outdoor mat for outdoor seating, all trackers will broadcast their location to the TT system and appear on the screen with the table location. Below, you'll see an example that tracker #81 is at table #32.

Once the food runner delivers the food, they will retrieve the table tracker and place it over the clearing unit until it vibrates to end the process.


All data and analytics collected can be viewed on the app or through LRS Connect.

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