Troubleshooting Specific UHF Components

T7502 Transmittter: 

  • Bluetooth Adaptor attached via the Null Modem (small orange piece)
  • Should have the most current version of the transmitter firmware
  • If not on most current version of the firmware, connect T7502 via Ethernet cable to Internet and go to Software Update
  • Operation Mode should be set to Table Tracker Monitor
  • System ID should be programmed to match that of the customer account
  • Steps to calibrate T7502 with Touchscreen:  Devices --> Input --> Touchscreen --> Calibrate

 RXBT Receiver:

  •  Bluetooth Adaptor attached via the Null Modem (small orange piece)
  •  Transmit/Receive lights should blink yellow to indicate it is powered on

 Bluetooth Adaptor:

  • Bluetooth Adaptors are paired at LRS for each system
  • On/Off should be in the ON position
  • 4 Dip Switches – top 3 should be to the right (ON) and the bottom should be to the left (OFF)

          o   Mode is ON (flipped to the right)
          o   Connect is ON (flipped to the right)
          o   RS232-Tx/Rx is ON (flipped to the right)
          o   Charge is OFF (flipped to the left)

  • Should be a GREEN LIGHT blinking next to the Mode Dip Switch
  • In the case where the location is very large and there are TWO RXBT receivers, there will be 3 Bluetooth Adaptors: one will be labeled T7502 and that is the MASTER to be attached to the T7502 only; the other two should be attached to the two RXBT receivers

Charging Base:

  • Each base can stack 10-15 units using a DC power supply only
  • Charging bases should not be daisy-chained together using jumper cables (regardless of setup)
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