Additional UHF Troubleshooting Notes


Touchscreen Monitor is Blank:  If the cables are connected properly and the Transmitter is powered on, but the monitor is still blank, please disconnect the Bluetooth Adaptor from the T7502 Transmitter. Next, unplug the T7502 Transmitter’s power supply and wait 10 seconds. Connect the power supply to the T7502 Transmitter. Once it has initialized and you see that the monitor is on and the menu is visible on the screen, re-connect the Bluetooth Adaptor to the T7502 Transmitter.


TT Units are Fully Charged but NONE are showing up on the Touchscreen:  Try Starting the unit on another Starter. If one works but not the other, then the Starter was not programmed with the System ID and needs to be replaced. Also, verify the System ID on the T7502.


TT Units are on the Touchscreen but will not Clear from the Touchscreen:  Try Clearing on another Clearer. If one works but not the other, then the Clearer was not programmed and needs to be replaced. Also, be sure to check the Table Tracker Settings in the T7502 to make sure that the Enable Clearing Unit feature is turned ON.

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