How To Program Pagers with Your T9601 Transmitter

LRS' T9601 transmitter pages LRS Staff Pagers. If a new pager number needs to be assigned to a pager, Star (SP4) and Alpha pagers (SP5 and E467) can be reprogrammed from the T9601 transmitter.

If you would like to assign or reassign numbers to pagers, contact LRS to verify your restaurant ID if you do not know it already or if none of your pagers are currently paging.

Be sure that only one SP4 or SP5 pager is removed from the charging base at a time or only one E467 has the battery removed prior to reprogramming. This will avoid multiple pagers being reprogrammed to the same pager number.

To Program Pagers:

•   Remove rechargeable pagers from the charger (or reset by touching the silver nodes on the pager to the reset terminal on the transmitter) and wait until it stops vibrating
•   Turn battery powered pagers on and then off (or remove and re-install the battery) and wait until it stops vibrating and/or beeping

1. Press PROG
2. Enter the number you wish to assign to the pager (Choose #: 1 - 999)
3. Press PROG
     • Star pagers will slowly vibrate and light up then dim to off
     • Alpha pagers will beep 4 times and then stop
4. Once programming is complete, page the pager to ensure it is programmed correctly

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