Kiosk Mode (Guided Access)

Kiosk Mode (Guided Access)

Kiosk mode or locking access to certain applications in the iPad can be accomplished with Apple's Guided Access feature. Kiosk mode can help the staff stay focused on a task while using Table Tracker. Guided Access limits the iPad to a single app and lets you control which app features are available.

To turn on Guided Access, follow these steps:

1. Access the Settings screen from the menu.


2. Select General on the left navigation pane.

3. Select Accessibility on the main pane.

4. Select Guided Access from the list in the Accessibility screen.

5. Enable Guided Access.

6. Select Passcode Settings.

7. Set Guided Access Passcode and enter the 4 digit PIN you'd like to use to lock your app.

8. Re-enter the PIN — just to verify we have the right PIN.

Now that the Guided Access has been turned on and the Passcode has been set you are ready to lock your app.

Locking Your iPad Within the Table Tracker app

  1. Open the Table Tracker app.
  2. Click the home button three times.
  3. Your iPad is now locked and users won’t be able to exit the Table Tracker app.

Unlocking your Table Tracker app

  1. Click three times on the home button.
  2. Enter the 4 digit PIN you had selected at set-up and select End at the top left corner.
  3. Select End in the top left hand corner of the Guided Access Menu.

Note: If you are using multiple iPads at your restaurant, you will need to set the Guided Access PIN on each app. Guided Access PINs are not synched across iPads, so technically each display could have a unique PIN. When using PIN protection, most restaurants use the same PIN for all devices.


Forgetting Your Guided Access PIN

There are two solutions to this problem which will allow you to disable Guided Access:

A. Force a reboot of your iDevice, and

B. Use the Find My iPhone app or iCloud website.


To perform a forced reboot and to fix the problem with Guided Access follow the steps below:

1. Hold both the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds until the apple logo appears on the screen. The apple logo indicates that a forced reboot has commenced.

2. Immediately after the device has rebooted, the home screen will briefly display before returning to the application that is in Guided Access. While the Home screen is displayed (or just as the app/program is opening – but before Guided Access has been re-enabled), press the Home Button once. This will keep the display on the home screen.

Note: Occasionally this process does not disable Guided Access. When this occurs Guided Access must be turned on at the slider and a new password set before repeating the reboot and disable process. The iDevice should now have Guided Access disabled.


To use Find My iPhone and exit Guided Access follow the steps below:

1. Find My iPhone app on another iDevice (or if you don’t have one – go to, where you must login with your Apple ID and password, and select the Find My iPhone/iPad tab).

2. Select the name of the iDevice that is locked or frozen in the Guided Access feature from a list of devices and select the Lost Mode button.

3. When prompted set up a new password for Lost Mode. Then select the Next and Done buttons on the next 2 pages after that to exit (see images below).

4. The iDevice that is locked in Guided Access will then lock and enter Lost Mode.

5. Go back to the original iDevice to continue disabling Guided Access. To unlock the iDevice enter the password that you just set in Find My iPhone. Your device will appear normal and display one of the app icon pages.


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