Adding and Edit Devices

Each Account is organized by Products and then by Locations, and under each location is where you add or manage your Devices.  Devices can include an iPad tablet that's hosting either the Table Tracker or On Cue applications; an Android tablet that's hosting the Check Point application.

To create or access a device's Activation Code by Product and Location, the Account Owner can start by logging into LRS Connect and follow these steps:

  1. Select the applicable active product for which you’d like to view, add or edit a Device, if you have more than one. Otherwise, once you log in, the first screen you see has your product on the top left and your product locations on the left navigation panel. 
  2. Select the location which devices you'd like to add or edit.
  3. Your devices are listed with their corresponding status. Click on +Add Device to add a new device to this location.
  4. The newly added device will be Awaiting Activation until that code is used to activate a device. 
  5. Once you've keyed and activated a device the status will update to Active.

To edit a Device:  

A - Device Name: You can click on the Device name and edit as needed. Make sure to Save your change at the bottom of the screen.

B - De-Activate: On the device you'd like to de-activate, select De-Activate. This button is only shown for devices that are currently Active.


For other information about managing your devices, please read about Managing Devices in LRS Connect.   

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