Power and Charger Requirements

Note: This article only applies to the Guest Pager Series: Guest Pager (Model: RX-CS6), Guest Pager Pro (Model: RX-CS7), and the Guest Pager Note (Model: RX-AT9).

The new Guest Pager Series (Models: RX-CS6, RX-CS7, RX-AT9) are compatible with all previous Coaster Call charging bases and may be stacked and charged in conjunction with any of the older style Coaster Call pagers.

IMPORTANT: The power supply connected to your pager charger must be 4 Amp, 10 Volt AC. If it's not, please contact our support department to order a replacement.

Here's how to find the information for your power supply.

1. Locate your charging base

2. Follow the power cord down to the power block and locate the specifications label on the power block

3.The label on the power block will list the specification for that power supply. If the label doesn't say 4A 10VAC, contact our support department.

All new Guest Pager Series chargers ship with the correct power supply. However, some of the earlier Coaster Call chargers shipped with power supplies that are not 4A 10VAC. Using any other power supply besides a 4A 10VAC will not fully charge your pagers and over time, they will cease to function.

Additionally, it is recommended that each power supply be limited to charging 30 Guest Pager Pros (Model: RX-CS7) or 30 Guest Pager Notes (Model: RX-AT9). Each charging base should be limited to 15 pagers, therefore, two bases may be daisy-chained via a power connector and both using a single power supply.  If you have any questions, please contact our support department.  

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