Re-Numbering Guest Pager Series

Note: This article only applies to the Guest Pager Series. Specifically the Guest Pager (Model: RX-CS6), Guest Pager Pro (Model: RX-CS7), and the Guest Pager Note (Model: RX-AT9).

The Guest Pager Series are shipped programmed with a specific number from LRS. However, there may be times when renumbering the pager is necessary. Pagers may be renumbered (programmed) wirelessly with LRS paging transmitters. 

These LRS transmitter models can re-number a pager with a wirelessly:

  • TX-7400A
  • TX-7460
  • TX-7470
  • TX-7500
  • TX-7501
  • TX-7501A
  • TX-7502
  • TX-7503
  • TX-9550LCMG
  • TX-9550LCKG
  • TX-9560MT
  • TX-9560EZ

The instructions for each are below:


Re-numbering with the Freedom Guest Paging Transmitter (Model: TX-7400A, TX-7460, TX-7470):

  1. Place all guest pagers to be re-programmed on one charger base, leave a second base empty if you have two or more bases.
  2. On the transmitter keypad, Press SETUP and enter Password 56789.
  3. Press F2 (DN).
  4. Press 1 (1: Program).
  5. Press 1 (1: Prg Pager).
  6. Press 1 (1: Guest Pagers).
  7. Press 1 (1: Coaster Pager).
  8. Press 1 (1: Non-Alpha).
  9. Select if Pager should Vibrate F1 for Yes or F4 for No.
  10. Enter the pager number you wish to now make the pager.
  11. Remove the guest pager to be numbered from the charger.
  12. When the pager stops flashing, press ENTER twice.
  13. The pager will glow once to indicate it is has been programmed. On pager models with the LED number display, the new number will now be shown.
  14. The transmitter will ask you did the pager beep or vibrate, If yes, press F1 for Yes, (If No, press F4 and you will be prompted to retry the sequence).
    Note: The new Guest Pager Pro (Model RX-CS7) will not beep or vibrate but will rather glow and display the new number.
  15. Place the re-numbered coaster on the second charging base or set it aside if you only have one charging base.
  16. You will then be asked if you wish to program other pagers.
  17. If Yes, press F1, If No, Press F4 to complete the process.
  18. If you continue, the transmitter will take you back to step 10 to enter the number that the next pager will be programmed as.
  19. When finished, remove all of the pagers from the charging base and page each one to test that they are the correct number and receive a page.
  20. Reprogram any that do not page.


Re-numbering with the TX-9560MT

Have all the pagers on the charger to start – both working and nonworking – All pagers. (The charger must have power going to it, you want to see a solid red light on each pager sitting in the charger) If the charger is too far away from the system, move the charger to the system and plug it in so it is sitting only about arms-length away. This is how far the pagers should be from the transmitter during programming as well.

  1. Remove the pager that you want to re-number from the charger. You will program one at a time.
  2. Allow the pager to complete the vibration and flashing sequence. You then have approximately 15 seconds to enter the programming sequence.
  3. Press the number you want the pager to be and the PROG key twice
    (Example: For Pager #200, press 2-0-0 PROG -PROG).
  4. The red LED in the top right corner of the transmitter will light up once.
  5. The pager will flash once to indicate it received the programming. On pager models with the LED number display, the new number will be shown.
  6. Test the pager by entering the new pager number and pressing send.
  7. Once programmed, place the pager back on the charger before programming any more pagers.


Re-numbering with the TX-9550LCMG or TX-9550LCKG

  1. Remove the pager from the charging base.
  2. Allow the pager to complete the vibration and flashing sequence.
  3. Press PROG then a number from 1-799 and press PROG (Example: For Pager #23, press PROG-2-3-PROG).


Re-numbering with the TX-7500, TX-7501, TX-7501A, TX-7502, or TX-7503

  1. Remove the pager from the charging base.
  2. Allow the pager to complete the vibration and flashing sequence.
  3. Press Setup.
  4. Enter access code.
  5. Select SYSTEM TOOLS.
  7. Select Coaster.
  8. Select the type of programming:
    - Pager IDs if programming individual pagers
    - Broadcast system ID if changing all the pagers to a new System or turning all their vibrators on or off
  9. Select if the pager should vibrate when paged.
  10. For individual pager programming, enter the Pager Number.
  11. Reset the Guest Pager using the charger. When the pager finishes flashing/vibrating, press NEXT>.


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