LRS Gateway Light definitions

About the Gateway Lights

The lights on your Gateway are a good indicator of its connectivity and status. Here's a quick review about what to look for.

Power — if lit, the device is powered. This, however, does not mean the Gateway is fully booted or connected to a network. 

ZigBee — if a green light is blinking, the Gateway has established a local ZigBee network; however, it the light is solid the network hasn't been created.

Network — this is where it gets a little more complicated. Here is the list of common behaviors and what they mean:

  1. Blinking Yellow — Ethernet interface identified and establishing LAN connection
  2. Solid Yellow — Gateway has been assigned an IP address and is connected to the LAN
  3. Blinking Green — Gateway is attempting to connect with the Internet and the server
  4. Solid Green — Internet connection is established and Gateway is talking to the cloud 
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