Benchmark orders against a Target Delivery Time

Calculate order delivery times against a goal using this TTGoal Macro with only a few clicks.  

Download and Save Macro:  

  1. Download the macro provided below (see the end of this article).
  2. Save Macro to your computer desktop or folder of choice and unzip.
  3. Open a new workbook in Excel. Select the Developer tab on the Excel ribbon (learn how to add the Developer tab in Excel).
  4. Click the Editor icon in the Developer tab (or the Visual Basic icon, depending on your Excel release version).
  5. From the Project directory window, select Personal Macro Workbook or PERSONAL.XLSB (depending on your Excel release version).  If you do not see a Personal Macro Workbook, learn how here.  
  6. Select File and Import File and select the Macro from where you saved it during the download and click Open (only need to do this once the first time you run this report; afterward, the Macro will be saved for future use). 
  7. Select Excel from the top menu and select Close and Return to Microsoft Excel. 

Download LRS Connect Report:   

  1. Log in to LRS Connect and select any Table Tracker report with the desired Locations and Date Range. 
  2. Export the file from LRS Connect and the CSV file will download to your computer.
  3. Open the downloaded report in Microsoft Excel.

Run Macro in Excel:  

  1. Click on Macros icon in the Developer tab. A saved list of macros on your computer will appear. Select the TTMacro and press the button Run. Follow instructions.  

After you enter your goal time, your data will appear like the below format, adding the columns highlighted in blue with the calculated values comparing actual delivery time to the entered goal.  Other calculated values are:

  • Count and percentage of orders that met the entered Goal
  • Average Time to Deliver
  • Average Time to Seat
  • Difference between the Average Time to Deliver and the entered Goal

Note:  If you see ##### for calculations that result in negative values, check your Excel settings to ensure you're using the 1904 date system.

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