Editing SMS Messages Delivered from an LRS Transmitter

The SMS message delivered with your LRS TX-7470 Transmitter can be created and updated in LRS Connect. Follow the steps below to change the message used when SMS texting customers.

Step 1 - Log into LRS Connect

Step 2 - Select On Cue for Restaurants if you have more than one product, then select the applicable Location, and the transmitter under Devices for that Location for where the SMS message needs to be updated. The Location can be selected from the left navigation panel, and Devices from the account navigation along the top.

Step 3 - Select the Devices tab in the sub menu, your transmitter(s) are listed in the bottom half of the screen. Each transmitter listed has the following fields:

Name - You can name your transmitters to easily differentiate them if using more than one.

Serial Number - Here is where the Serial Number of transmitter is entered to activate it and enable SMS messaging.

Device Code - This is an additional unique identifier to your transmitter.

SMS Message - Use this field to update the SMS message delivered. In order to prevent any potential cellular carrier text character limitations, we recommend you keep the message under 120 characters.

Step 4 - Save your changes.

Step 5 - Test the SMS message with your own personal device by pressing "cell phone," typing your phone number, and pressing "enter" into the transmitter. Check the message delivered to your phone to verify it's working as intended.  

For further instructions regarding setting up your transmitter for cell phone SMS texting, or cell phone texting messages from the transmitter, please read the User Manual for the TX-7470, Freedom Transmitter.    


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