Programming (renumbering) Pagers with the TX-9560MT

Have all the pagers on the charger to start – both working and nonworking – All pagers. (The charger must have power going to it, you want to see a solid red light on each pager sitting in the charger) If the charger is too far away from the system, move the charger to the system and plug it in so it is sitting only about arms-length away. This is how far the pagers should be from the transmitter during programming as well.

  1. Remove the pager that you want to re-number from the charger. You will program one at a time.
  2. Allow the pager to complete the vibration and flashing sequence. You then have approximately 8 seconds to enter the programming sequence.
  3. Press a number you want the pager to now be from 1-799 and PROG twice.
    (Example: For Pager #200, press 2-0-0-PROG-PROG).
  4. The red LED in the top right corner of the transmitter will light up once.
  5. The pager will flash/vibe once to indicate it received the programming. On pager models with the LED number display, the new number will be shown.
  6. Test the pager by entering the new pager number and pressing SEND.
  7. Once programmed, place the pager back on the charger before programming any more pagers.
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