On Cue Daily Stats Report

On Cue provides daily wait list statistics summarizing how many parties were notified on-time or late, how many parties were seated or abandoned, and the average wait time and party size. 


Daily stats, refreshed automatically every day at Midnight, include the following:

Parties Added - the running total number of parties added to the Guest List throughout the day.

Avg Wait Time - calculates the daily running average of time elapsed from when a party is added to the list until the party is notified.

Parties Notified - the total running number of parties added to the guest list that were also notified for seating. The graphical view to the left shows the total number of parties notified on time  (either before or at the quoted time), vs the total number of parties notified late (after the quoted time). 

Parties Seated - the running total number of parties added to the guest list and then seated.

Parties Removed - the running total number of parties added to the guest list and later removed instead of seated; offering insight into the number or parties that abandoned. 

Average Party size - the running average party size of all parties added to the guest list.

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