Designing and Printing Your Own Guest Pager Note Inserts

The Guest Pager Note is LRS' guest pager with a removable clear plastic lid. Providing the opportunity to insert and swap out various promotional messages on printed paper inserts, like so: 

The attached templates at the end of this article help you design, print, and cut out your own messages. Or, design and print on pre-perforated paper ordered from LRS.

Attached is an Illustrator template, PDF, and example of the dimensions within the template.  

The template includes twelve 2.5 inch square inserts on an 8.5X11 inch sheet. If printing on your own paper, we recommend using a light weight card-stock, no heavier than 100# cover stock. When using the Illustrator template, first, put the art in Artwork layer, then turn off the die layer when printing on LRS' provided pre-perforated paper, or keep the die line layer if cutting it out from your own paper.  Here's what it looks like:  

If interested, you can order pre-perforated pages from LRS as part of the "AT9 Lid Kit". The kit includes 10 replacement lids, 10 screws, one screw driver, and 25 card-stock sheets of 12 pre-perforated inserts for a total of 300 blank inserts.   

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