Table Tracker Cloud Reports

Table Tracker Cloud Reports

Several cloud-accessible reports are available online for Internet connected Table Tracker systems (2.0 or 3.0 versions). Reports include: 

Table Tracker Goal Summary Report

As of July 18, 2016, a new "Goal Summary" report for Table Tracker customers is accessible from the Reporting tab in the top navigation. The Goal Summary report provides location-specific or aggregate account performance statistics for a user-specified time frame, "date range," and includes the following data:

  • Total number of orders delivered
  • Goal for the account
  • Average Seat Time
  • Average Delivery Time
  • % Goal met of all orders

A Summary total is provided at the top of the report with the detailed rows of data below. Various "view" options are available to choose from including:

  • "Daily" - summarizing each day's performance within the  requested. 
  • "Day of Week" - summarizing and averaging across all Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays...etc. for the date range requested.
  • "Week" - summarizing and averaging each weeks worth of data for the date range requested.
  • "Month" - summarizing and averaging each months worth of data for the date range requested.
  • "Hourly"- summarizing and averaging each 24 hours of the day for the date range requested. Hourly data is limited to viewing 31 days maximum.

All Goal Summary views are limited to one-year worth of data. All orders cleared manually via the app or a clearing dock are included in the report; however, orders that time-out and are auto-cleared by the system are not included.

If rows of data are not appearing for a day, hour, or week in the report view selected, it is because no Table Tracker orders were observed in that date range. Additionally, exported data is limited to 200,000 rows of data. If requesting more data, an error will appear recommending the date range or number of locations be reduced to accommodate.

Reports may be printed or data exported using these icon buttons:  


Examples Report Views 

Daily View:  


Day of Week View: 


Weekly View: 


Monthly View: 


Hourly View: 



Goal Setting for Account within LRS Connect 

The new Goal Summary reports above work off a "goal" that's set within LRS Connect under the new "Settings" header. It's important to know that the goal set within LRS Connect for the Goal Summary reporting is not associated with the goal locally set within the Table Tracker iPad or PC applications within each store; rather the LRS Connect Goal allows for management monitoring and reporting on management or corporate goals.  

The goal in LRS Connect is automatically pre-set to 8:00 minutes. It can be changed and updated by the Account Owner. Each time it's changed to a new goal time, that time only affects orders from that point forward. Prior goal times set in LRS Connect will continue to be associated with prior orders.

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