Butler XP & Pronto Programming Software Download

This software provides the ability to update settings for several LRS push-for-service devices. Create custom messages that are delivered via LRS Guest Alpha Pagers or Staff Messaging Pagers. Tailored messages help better manage communication between staff and/or guests. This software is only applicable to LRS push-button devices including the Butler XP one or two button, Pronto one or six button, and Table Genies.

Accessing the LRS Push-for-Service Programming Software online:  

Select a PC with Internet access and runs on Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10; as those are the Windows versions this software is compatible with. Connect the PC with the push-for-service device(s) - Butler XPs, Prontos, or Table Genies - to update the programming.  Download the Push-for-Service Programming Software from this link: 

DOWNLOAD (link will take you to a Dropbox screen, click on Download on the top right corner)

Unzip the file, and double click the executable file to launch the program. 

This software is compatible with the following products: 


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