Update NetPage Software Version

Download & Upgrade
Access your server computer where NPU is installed and follow these steps:
1 - Make a backup of your NetPage Unlimited Database first. See Back up NPU steps.
2 -  Download the Server Software and save the .zip file to the desktop of the NetPage server or main computer.
3 - Create a new folder for NetPage Unlimited on the desktop with Today’s date and version 2.9.65
4 - Right click on the downloaded zip, and select extract all and extract to this new folder
5 - Go to the folder you created, open the install folder, double click on the application file - npusetup.exe
6 - An NPU window will open. Click "Backup & Upgrade"

7 - Do not rename the backup file name. Simply save the file as it's named by NPU.
8 - Once the backup file is saved, the NPU installer will then update the NPU software.
9 - After the update is complete, open NPU in a browser and test that the system is functioning correctly
Are you still able to access the LRS cloud? Learn how to check your settings to ensure Support to NPU and SMS delivery here.



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