Update the Gateway firmware from your iPad using Table Tracker

Starting with the Table Tracker application release version 3.1.0, you can update the Gateway firmware version from your iPad. The Table Tracker application checks the firmware version on the Gateway. If the detected firmware version precedes is not current, the customer will be prompted to update it. You can update when prompted or later, at your discretion.

Offline customers can now temporarily have the iPad switch to an internet connected network to update the iOS Table Tracker application. Once customers reconnect with their Gateway by switching the iPad back to the Table Tracker network, at that point the Table Tracker app will check the Gateway firmware version and prompt for update, as needed.


Once the firmware upgrade is available the below message will be displayed on screen. You can dismiss it temporarily, Table Tracker will show this at a later time.

If the message is dismissed, an Upgrade notice will be shown on the menu, next to Devices. This is a reminder of where to navigate in order to upgrade your Gateway. Once the Gateway is updated, this reminder on the menu disappears.


Once on the Devices screen, the Gateway Settings section displays the current Gateway firmware version. Next to it, is the Update button. 

Press Update to begin the upgrade and launch a wizard.

You can press Continue to move forward with update or choose to do the upgrade at a later time by pressing on <Back or Later.

It will take only a few minutes to complete the upgrade. Please note that as part of the upgrade, the Gateway will reboot. During this time, the connection between the iPad and the Gateway will be temporarily down. Once the Gateway boots up, they will reconnect.

Once the firmware upgrade is complete you can close the wizard by pressing on Done. If the connection between the iPad and the Gateway is interrupted during the upgrade, a message will be displayed saying: Sorry, the download did not complete. You may choose to try again immediately by tapping on Try Again or return to the upgrade at a later time by tapping on Later.


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