Install NPU

NetPage Unlimited contains two components that require installation:

NetPage Server & Software – the NPU Server Software is installed on a network server, from which all communication traffic is controlled by that server. 
  1. Select a PC or server that will not power down and has Internet access. This will be the heart of NetPage and run the NetPage server program. Download the Server Software and save the .zip file to the desktop of the NetPage server or main computer.
  2. Create a new folder for NetPage Unlimited on the desktop with Today’s date and version 2.9.65
  3. Right click on the downloaded zip, and select extract all and extract to this new folder
  4. Go to the folder you created, open the install folder, double click on the application file - npusetup.exe. This will launch the installation process.
  5. Follow the install wizard prompts to complete the installation. It’s recommended NetPage Unlimited be installed on Port 8080. When asked if you want to install the 74USB_Driver, that is optional and not required.

After installation, the web address of the NetPage Unlimited Server will be displayed. You may want to write that down; as staff Users will use this web address to open NetPage Unlimited from any networked PC using a compatible browser. Or, to find the web address later for sharing with staff Users, you can find it by going to Windows Start Menu all programs


NetPage Unlimited NetPage Unlimited Server Control Panel; there you will see a “NetPage installer” window noting the web address. Reference the web address on the left when sharing with Users to log-in from any other computer.

For further instructions, reference the NetPage Unlimited Quick Guide.  


Transmitter – for the Transmitter to work with your NPU system, the Network Menu under Set-Up and update the settings to Network ENABLED. If using a DHCP Network, verify DHCP is selected YES. If using a Static Network, verify DHCP is selected NO, then verify the transmitters’ IP, Netmask, DNS, and Gateway addresses are entered correctly. (Reference the full TX-7470 Transmitter manual for more details.) Then, plug the Transmitter(s) into your network.

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