Converting Table Tracker from Windows to iOS

Table Tracker is offered in two different platforms: Microsoft Windows touchscreen computers and iOS iPads (Apple).

Existing Table Tracker Windows customers looking to convert their system to the iPad platform will need to acquire these components:

  • Displays - An iPad replaces the existing Windows computer(s) onsite. The Table Tracker iPad app operates as the central user interface for interactions. The iPad receives a Wi-Fi signal from the LRS Gateway. If a larger display is needed, either an iPad Pro may be used or an iPad can be connected to a low-cost flat screen monitor. Or, an alternative to an iPad display is taking advantage of LRS' Table Tracker API thereby integrating the Gateway with a third-party solution (like a POS system, kitchen-display system, kiosk, etc.).  However, for 3.0 systems that aren't integrated via the API into a third-party software system, an iPad is required. Customers can purchase iPads through LRS or source their own. iPads must be at third generation or higher.
  • Gateway - The LRS Gateway coordinates the location of Trackers (via ZigBee) and communicates those locations to display within the Table Tracker iPad app (via Wi-Fi). The device acts as a “State Machine” and contains proprietary Table Tracker firmware to manage the Tracker locations and states. The Gateway syncs data with the cloud, LRS Connect, to feed online and in-app reporting.
  • Repeaters -  The LRS Repeaters are dispersed within the facility to coordinate with Trackers. Repeaters converse with Trackers to identify their location and pass that information on to the Gateway which stores Tracker locations and states.
  • Router - Provides a secure and dedicated Wi-Fi network for Table Tracker to connect the Gateway and iPad; thereby avoiding any Wi-Fi traffic issues that might arise with existing business networks. The Router may also be connected to the Internet to upload data to a Customer's cloud account and maintain the latest versions of software and firmware.  

Table tags, trackers, docks or starting and clearing units require no changes. 

Review Trackers Firmware - The tracker inventory is available inside of Table Tracker and in the LRS Connect cloud. Review the firmware version of your Trackers with your LRS representative to determine if any of them needs an upgrade. 

For reference, the full components sheets for both systems are attached.  

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