Log-in Sessions

When users log in with their credentials, a cookie is created in the browser. This is a Session cookie

Every 5 seconds a request is made to the NPU the session is refreshed, this allows the user to remain logged in indefinitely as long as they have an NPU page open.

If a logged in user has multiple tabs open in a browser, and then closes the tab with NPU (but not the browser), the session remains active for 30 minutes.

If the logged in user opens NPU before the 30 minutes elapse, then no additional log-in will be needed as the user is still logged in. If the 30 minutes do elapse, users will need to log in again.

If a logged in user closes the browser (not just the browser tab) where NPU is open, the session will be lost and will be required to log in again.

Simultaneous logins are not allowed. A user is only allowed to login once. Users can have multiple NPU tabs open within the same browser. Logging in to a separate browser or computer is not allowed.

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