Updating the firmware on a TX-7470

Make sure the Freedom transmitter is connected to an internet network and to a power supply then simply follow the steps below. 

First, confirm that your transmitter has the latest version of firmware by following these steps:

     Step 1 - Press Setup button
     Step 2 - Press in code - 29163
     Step 3 - Press 2 Diagnostics
     Step 4 - Press F2 to scroll down
     Step 5 - Press 2 FW Upgrade
     Step 6 - Transmitter will display Checking for Firmware

While your transmitter is Checking for firmware it is checking if the version of firmware currently on it is the latest and downloading the newest one, if necessary. Checking for firmware could take up to 10 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

  • If your transmitter did not have the latest version of firmware it will display Upgrade Complete once it has finished.
  • If you already had the latest version of firmware, No updates available will display.
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