Tracking Stats - Order view screen

At the bottom of the Order View screen stats for the day are displayed. These, are designed for the store mangers to quickly review recent performance activity. 

Orders Delivered Today - Count of orders delivered today.

Average Delivery Time Today - Average time to clear for orders notified today.

Target Delivery Time - Indicates the set Target Delivery Time for orders in the Preferences screen.

% Orders Goal Met Today - Percentage of orders delivered within the Target Notify time.

 To access in depth reporting and export a csv file with raw data log into LRS Connect.


Stats Reset

Stats are reset daily, automatically, at midnight. Additionally, users can manually reset stats when looking to start a new shift, for instance. Manually clearing stats does not impact Reporting or data upload.

1 - Tap on the caret to the right of the stats to expose the Reset button.

2 - Tap on Reset


3 - Press Continue to proceed and the stats will reset.


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