Update the Gateway firmware from LRS Connect

Internet connected Table Tracker systems allow users to Monitor and Manage their Gateways from LRS Connect. This includes updating the LRS Firmware on them.

To update the Gateway you can go to the Gateway screen and view the LRS Firmware row.


Both, the LRS Firmware Installed and the LRS Firmware Available are shown. If the LRS Firmware version available is a later release than the one installed the Update button will be shown.


Click on Update and the following text will appear for you to confirm if you would like to proceed or not:

Depending on your internet connection, the LRS firmware update takes approximately 10 minutes. As part of the update, the Gateway will reboot. During this time Table Tracker cannot be used.

Click on Update to continue or Cancel to exit.


LRS Connect will display the status of the firmware update through the following messages:


2 -

3 - 

Click on Done and notice that the screen updates, after a few seconds, to show the LRS Firmware Installed and Available to be the same. Also, notice that the Current indicator replaces the Update button.


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