1. Power-on and configure your Swift Sensors Bridge

Remove your Swift Sensors Bridge from the packaging and locate the Bridge ID printed on the label on the bridge. You will need the Bridge ID to configure your Dashboard in Step 2.

IMPORTANT! Placing your Swift Sensors Bridge in the optimal location for communication with your Swift Sensors and your cellular or Wi-Fi network will ensure continuous data transmission for your sensor network. For optimal wireless signal strength, mount the Bridge vertically on a wall or table so the label is oriented as shown below.



Your Swift Sensors Bridge should be centrally located to all of the sensors with which it will communicate. Ideally your Swift Sensors Bridge should be located within 100 feet of each of your RF sensors and within 50 feet of your BLE sensors. If your facility has a large quantity of electronic devices with wireless capabilities, the sensors may need to be closer to the bridge to ensure optimal communication.

You also need to determine if you have adequate cellular or Wi-Fi strength where you install your Swift Sensors Bridge. A simple means of determining signal strength is to confirm you have at least one, and preferably two or more bars showing on your mobile phone for your cellular signal or Wi-Fi signal.

After you have identified the optimal location for your Swift Sensors Bridge, power it on by plugging it into the wall outlet.   If you have placed your Bridge in a high foot-traffic or public area, we recommend you place a note near the outlet requesting the power cord not be unplugged.

Temporarily place each of your sensors ~10 feet (no closer than five feet) away from the Bridge. After you configure your Dashboard in Step 2, you will place the sensors in the desired location in your facility as described in Step 4.

If you are using WiFi to connect to the Swift Sensors Cloud:

When the Bridge isn't connected to your WiFi network, it broadcasts a WiFi hotspot with a web page used to configure the WiFi connection. To connect your Bridge to your WiFI network:

  1. Make sure your Bridge has been powered on for two minutes.
  2. Connect to the bridge WiFi hotspot named Swift Sensors #### from your computer, tablet, or phone, where #### is the last 4 characters of the bridge
  3. Point your browser to the bridge WiFi Configuration page at URL (If you have a mobile device with a QR reader app, you can scan the bridge QR code instead.)
  4. Select the desired WiFi network used in your facility and enter the password if required.
  5. Click ✔ to save the WiFi

For each Bridge that uses WiFi, repeat the five steps above.

Connect your computer, tablet, or phone back to your regular WiFi network (most devices will do this automatically since the hotspot will disappear.) 

NOTE: If the Bridge cannot connect, the Bridge WiFi hotspot will reappear. If this occurs, repeat the steps above. Wi-Fi network names can be typed in manually on the configuration page of the Bridge is not showing your network.


Wait two minutes after you have configured you Swift Sensors Bridge and proceed to Article 2.



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