2. Create your Dashboard account on

  1. Launch your web browser on your computing device and type in the URL
  2. Click Create Account
  3. Complete all requested fields in the form, including the last 4 digits of the Bridge ID and click Create.
    NOTE: Remember the password you supplied on this form, you will need to re-enter it when you receive your account verification email.
  4. Click Verify Email in the email you receive from
  5. Enter the password you supplied in the profile from step 3 above and click Verify Email.
  6. Click Console and you will be shown your Swift Sensors Dashboard for your sensor

IMPORTANT! You must supply a mobile phone number in your profile in order to receive text message and/or phone call notifications. To add your mobile number to your user profile, click on the User icon in the upper right side of the Dashboard, and add your mobile number to the User Profile.

If you will have multiple users in your account, you can add them by selecting the Admin icon on the upper right sight of the Dashboard. Select Users from the drop down menu and you will be shown the configured users. You can select a user to edit or click the + to add an additional user. When adding a user, you have the option to give each user Role-based Access Control (RBAC) of either Admin, Editor, or Reader. Proceed to Article 3

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